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self portrait of photographer OJ Perry
self portrait of photographer OJ Perry

My name is OJ Perry, born 1973, and based in Vienna, Austria. I am a passionate photographer specializing in landscape and street photography. Whenever time permits, I will grab my camera and explore the world around me. 

My passion for photography grew at an early age, with a used Yashica camera passed on to me by my dad. I loved the working process of putting in a film, framing the object, pressing the shutter and developing the film. Years later, in 2016, I finally bought a DSLR and never stopped shooting ever since. 

Looking through a lens, I see so much more of my world. I feel awake and newborn. It’s my power as a photographer to give a voice to the world around us.

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Being out there, mostly on my own, doing landscape photography gives me peace and the chance to capture moments so different from everyday life. 

Clients include brands such as Austrian Airlines, Reed Exhibitions, Flimmit and others. Art prints and Lightroom Presets are available in my online shop. Newest edition is NFTs available on the platforms Foundation and Opensea.

My choice of camera is Nikon and I mostly use Sigma lenses. 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please make use of the contact and message board available on the get in touch button.

self portrait of photographer OJ Perry
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