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Welcome to the world of OJ Perry, a visionary artist born in 1973 and residing in the heart of Vienna, Austria.


My journey as a photographer began in the early days of my childhood, where a used Yashica camera from my father ignited a lifelong passion. The tactile joy of loading film, capturing a moment, and watching it develop has shaped my artistic soul.

In 2016, I embraced the digital realm with my first DSLR, and my creative spirit has been ceaseless ever since. Through the lens, I perceive the world in profound clarity, a rebirth of sight and soul with every shutter click. My art transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, giving a voice to the silent beauty around us.

Landscape and street photography are my sanctuaries, offering me peace and the thrill of discovery. Alone in nature or amidst urban chaos, I find and capture fleeting moments of serenity and intrigue.

Explore my online shop for exclusive art prints and Lightroom presets, and dive into the world of NFTs on platforms like Foundation and Opensea.

With a Nikon in hand and Nikkor / Sigma lenses by my side, I invite you to see the world through my eyes—a place where every frame tells a story, and every image speaks volumes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please make use of the contact and message board available on the get in touch button.

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