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Premium Presets for Lightroom 


Do you want to boost your photos and get the best out of them? Then here's my deal: I have curated 9 PREMIUM PRESETS for Adobe Lightroom.


  1. Winter Mood
  2. Autumn Mood
  3. Polar Mood
  4. Ice Cold Mood
  5. Mountain Mood
  6. Misty Mood
  7. Cloudy Mood
  8. Golden Summer Mood
  9. Pale Mood 


Fast Facts

  • all 9 presets are included
  • the are easy to install for use in Adobe Lightroom Software (XMP file for Lightroom Classic CC)
  • RAW photos recommended but the presets will work on JPEG as well
  • Adjust filters to suite your purposes and create your own look 
  • Get in touch, if you have any questions. Please allow 1 day min. for my response

* Preset Pack is non refundable.

Moody Preset Pack LR

€ 40,00Price
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